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My First Entry in to the World of Live Journal

Well, this is my first entry into my online journal. i have never kept a journal, nor do I know how long I will actually stick to writing, I guess we shall see. I have now almost been back in the states 2 months, and I think my european hangover is over. I cannot even begin to address all the many ways I have changed since I have returned. My birthday is 6 days away. My teenage years are nearly over. I had a good run, a very good run. Had my fair share of sex, drugs and rock n' roll. I feel like I am at a crossroads, and I guess I am. I think I know where I am going, what I want, whom I want to get there with, ect.. Tommorow morning is my economics final, cannot wait untill that shit is over. Currently ranked 2nd in the class, yeah it is really hard being this smart, lol. i have tommorow off, then I am working the next 5 days, including sunday,(my birthday). Jaclyn and I will be going up north to see my grandparents, most likely sunday night, after she gets off work. Hopefully the weather will be nice, and I can work on my tan, and get some well deserved rest. My parents will also be up there for a day or two, then they are going to north carolina for 10 days, which leaves the house to Rudy and I. Unfortunately, you can rule out any wild parties, I will most likely be working every day while they are gone, oh well. Otherwise, life is pretty damn close to perfect right now. Got good friends, family, a good girl that I love, food on my plate, and the weather is nice. That's just good old optimistic steve...........
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