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Its Been Awhile

Well this is my 2nd post into the wild wild world of livejournal. I am having trouble loading up my picture, but maybe I can resolve that one of these days. Anyway, since I last posted, I have dropped the TEEN from my age. I'm twenty, which sounds so old/mature. So why do I feel trapped, like I am still 16. I want to be responsible for my own life, my own mistakes. I by no means think I have all the answers to life, but I do know what I want out of this crazy thing called life. So what else matters. I guess I just have to be patience, and know that everything I want will be there for me, in time. OK!!! Enough complaining, just feeling a little restless after spending three days at my grandparents, stuck inside because of the rain. But I am back home now, my parents and sister are still in south carolina, and wont return until sometime next weekend. So it is just me and rudy at the homestead. I am keeping myself busy with work, work and more work. Tommmorow is my lone day off in two weeks, so I plan on taking advantage of that. Walking rudy and roller blading at the beach seem to be in order. Also I want to start working on my european scrapbook. I have been putting that off, for a number of different reasons, mainly because I feared I would get as I call it, "francesick". But its been two months now, and I think I can look back and not be as bitter that I am stuck here in Detroit. All star game events start sunday and run through the actual game on Tuesday, so those are going to be some long days, but hopefully I will get a good section and rack in the tips. I honestly think if things go well, I will make enough money in those three days to pay for my whole minnesota trip. I mean, I gotta take my girl out for a classy meal. Anyway I am at work, and my other girlfriend, the Richon copier, requires my assistance.

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