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A day to relax and reflect

After three days of chaos I finally had a day to rest. Didnt go to sleep until 5am this morning, woke up at 8 to let Rudy out, then went back to bed until 1. Went over to my great uncle's shortly after that, to check the place and do some yard work. One of his gutters was loose, so I climbed on the roof and worked on that. Then trimmed some hedges, and watered the grass, since we haven't see rain in who knows when. After that I stopped at Panera bread for dinner. Came home, walked rudy briefly, then watched a movie and worked on my scrapbook. By this time it was ten. Came online to see if any of my friends wanted to do something. But I remembered, my friends work at 6am, and go to sleep at 10. So I watched sex and the city, did some thinking and a little writing. I realized one thing today. That as much I enjoyed being alone today, having peace and quite, that just is not me. I am actually looking forward to my parents coming home, lol. Everyone needs there space, myself included, but I like being with people, and I guess my overriding thought at the moment is loneliness. I hate that feeling, and tonight, one of the things wrote was a list of my fears, and the first one on the list was, "dying alone". I don't need that.
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