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stevek85's Journal

3 July
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Hello all you kiddies out there in the livejournal world. My name is Steven Kay, and I am from the mean (or at least that is what I tell people, you know, got to keep the street cred.) streets of Detroit, Michigan. I currently go to school at Wayne State University, which is a huge urban campus, located in downtown Detroit. I am going into my Junior year and am currently majoring in Marketing, at least for the moment. I am currently one of those loser guys, you know the 20 year old still living at home with his parents, but hey, it is not so bad. I get to save money and buy important things, like 50 dollar sandals. I am currently employed by the university, doing things such as; fighting with the copy machines, going to get my boss chicken dinners, and fighting with the copy machines again. I also work for the Detroit Tigers, where I spend my friday and saturday nights dealing with drunks. I just got back from France, where I studied for 3 months. Certainly some of the most amazing times of my life were spent there. I am dating a young lady name Ashleigh, whom I met while in Europe. Can't even begin to descibe her, or our relationship, although I am sure I will try in my posts. Je t'amie mon cheri. My hobbies include; roller blading, watching the real world, drinking canadian beer, baseball, and pink.

Steve from the D